The Jesse Boot Wildcats Arena, located in Nottingham, is a Basketball Centre which is run and looked after by the Jesse Boot Basketball Trust.

The Centre is built within the grounds of a school. The scheme is an 8 Badminton court hall procured by D & B and based on an earlier, lottery funded scheme in Barrow. The original inception stage lasted 10 years with development of the design taking 12 months. The building took 6 months to construct with an out-turn total capital cost of just over £2 million.

The quality of the flooring was a priority, both in the dance studio and the sports hall. It was agreed that high quality flooring would provide a high quality sporting experience, which in turn would create better performance. The results of this investment are two fold. Firstly the dance studio has tripled its business and secondly the sports hall is a recognised location for major sporting events in the region.

The heating and ventilation systems are operated by computers as there is a need for exact control to maintain the high quality of the maple leaf floors.

The benefits of the use of DQI centred on the development of positive working relationships between stakeholders involved in the development of the design. The result is that Jesse Boot Wildcats Arena is both functional and pleasing to the eye. It also provides a sound social environment for younger users. Over 80% of the membership live within 1 mile and the centre accommodates the P.E needs of over 1,600 people.