Dunraven School is located in the London Borough of Lambeth and is one of the two Sample School schemes within the overall BSF Wave 5 Programme. The school sees its challenge as being to build upon what is good within the school now and evolve further without losing what makes the school such a positive choice for families. In particular, the governors of the school wish to enhance the environment through the BSF programme, so that it will enable the school to deepen the impact on what the school offers to its community and broaden the range of students supported.

The DQI Ready for Occupation workshop, held just prior to the final handover, allowed assembled stakeholders to review and assess the design proposals as the scheme reached the advanced stage of completion. It was believed the design has delivered the key improvements that were aspired to at the commencement of the project. Stakeholders welcomed improvements to the quality of teaching spaces and related facilities, anticipated to be a huge asset to the school and local community. The new impressive front façade and welcoming reception, seen as projecting a professional and modern image, were praised by stakeholders.

It was recommended a DQI In Use assessment should be carried out 12 months into the life of the new and refurbished buildings to assess how effective the design lives up to full school use.

Images: http://www.hamsonbarronsmith.com/selected-projects/dunraven-school-london