Bristol City Council LEP proposed to create a new 2 Form Entry (420 place) primary academy for September 2015 opening, sponsored by the Colston Girls School Academy Trust (CGST).

The project comprised of the refurbishment and extension of an existing Grade II listed building, and the readaptation of current school buildings to allow for two different educational occupancies to work jointly on site. It was proposed that the Hospital School would remain in the old grammar School alongside the new primary school, but independently managed, while the PRU would be located on another site in Bristol.

The Hospital Education Service teaches pupils with medical needs (when they are unable to attend school), by providing continuity of education suited to their needs, ability, age and health. Pupils with medical needs include those with severe or chronic forms of illness, mental health difficulties, conditions which require periods of hospital treatment interspersed with periods at home or school, and experience in ill health as a result of specific incidents (such as road accidents). In one year the Hospital School may see up to 800 pupils.

At the DQI Briefing stage session stakeholders debated on the priorities and their expectations of the project. The session provided a useful forum for stimulating discussions between all stakeholders, and was recognised to be extremely relevant in generating discussion on a number of quite complex site and briefing issues. The DQI Briefing session helped the project’s stakeholders to reach a consensus as to what the project should achieve. This was recorded in a report, which was used to give the design team a better understanding of the aims, and standards of the School and Bristol City Council.