The post occupancy assessment was carried out by an accredited DQI facilitator and involved an observational walk around the building, a focus group session with the project team, consultation with end users and discussions with students. The assessment was attended by occupants, both staff and students.

The DQI process, highlights problems that can be addressed and solved in the building and provides lessons that can be used to improve the process and design of future projects.

Some of the key issues raised from the assessment included; Consideration or additional signage by the entrance to the College and Campus, improvement of disability access and provision of increased cycle storage; integrating additional hot desks facilities, lockers and staff room requirements, informal student breakout spaces and quiet reading rooms or library facilities: improvement of acoustics of classrooms for audio exams and consideration of solutions to deal with the solar gain and ventilation issues in the classes.

Staff and students were generally satisfied with the functionality of the building and it is characterised as a nice building to work and study in.

Paul Morrison, Department of Estates, University of Sheffield, 7 Dec 2008