The 121st Police Precinct on Staten Island was one of the many projects which used DQI. The precinct houses a detective squad, an anti-crime unit, a community policing unit and 300 staff members who work at the facility in rotating shifts.

The design solution responds to the challenges of an irregular site with two distinct building volumes: a two-story linear bar, gently arcing in plan and gradually increasing in height as it approaches the commercial district of Richmond Avenue and a separate one-story volume where the site extends outward to the south. The second floor cantilevers toward Richmond Avenue in a symbolic gesture of community engagement that defines the main entrance and creates a visual link between the main lobby and the street.

Important outcomes of the DQI stages revealed that the building is the right size for its function, the material and finishes are well integrated and that the building enhances the activity of people who use it regularly.

121st Precinct was the first NYPD facility designed under the Local Law 86, which mandates sustainable, energy efficient design. This project will seek a LEED Silver rating.