As part of a programme to expand the pupil intake of both Chester Park Infant School and Chester Park Junior School from 2FE to 3FE, the decision has been taken to relocate the existing Junior School from the current site to a new state of art building located a short distance away.

The objective of DQI Briefing stage workshop was to establish priorities, aspirations and important elements to help develop the design brief. The existing building didn’t do well on most fundamental factors for this project, indicating current internal and external spaces failed to offer a suitable context for a good learning environment.

The architects had developed a predominantly 2 storey single building block which had a double mono pitch roof that allowed a considerable amount of daylight into the core of the building. During the DQI Mid Design workshop they presented an overview of the latest design development followed by a detailed description of the design solutions under the DQI areas of Functionality, Design and Impact, and answering questions that participants had whilst scoring the design using the questionnaire. Participants were then asked to feedback their views of the DQI tool and the workshop. The design has scored quite well against the briefing target, achieving most of the fundamental factors for this project. In general the school community was very supportive of the overall design proposals.