South West College proposes to build a new campus building on part of the former Erne Hospital Site. The new campus is to be approximately 8200m2. The College provides a wide range of vocational, education, training and recreational programmes to students, and business support, community and lifelong learning programmes to latent and established businesses in the wider community. The new campus building must have excellent teaching and learning spaces, and the services to be provided must be easily managed with minimum whole life costing without compromising quality.

The DQI Briefing stage session was considered to be successful overall, where participants were given the opportunity to input their concerns, thoughts and ideas into the process. Several access issues were identified; these should be addressed in design proposals to ensure ease of access for disabled users. Other items discussed which should be considered in the design proposals were the flexibility for future capacity requirements, evaluation of localised or central control of systems and manual or automatic control of lighting. The recorded input provides focus on the key areas and issues that need to be considered; there is a high level of expectation held in common by all parties indicative of the views expressed within the session. Participants agreed that the design needs to integrate with the site and with Enniskillen, the campus and building must provide flexibility of use and be future proofed.