Southwark Building Design Service are renowned as a local urban authority for their approach to the design quality of its environment. This commitment led them to be awarded the 2002 RIBA Local Authority Award.

Peckham Pulse Healthy Living Centre was built to encourage local people to get fit and stay healthy. Inspired by the Peckham Pioneer Health Centre of the 1930’s, it explores the link between social and physical well being and preventing disease.

A partnership between Southwark Council and Fusion Lifestyle brings the leisure centres in Southwark. As a registered charity, Fusion reinvests to improve and develop what’s on offer in Southwark community.

DQI was performed on Peckham Pulse 4 years after completion. “We thought it would be interesting to see how the building, which is esteemed for design quality would rate using the tool. It was also an excellent opportunity to get everyone who was involved in the construction process back together. Through all of our DQI experiences we have found facilitation essential to gain the maximum benefit from the DQI process”.

The stakeholders who participated were two project managers, an architect, contractor, client, three facilities manager and a user of the centre. Due to the amount of time lapsed since completion it proved difficult reconvening everyone, but despite the initial organisational problems the workshop was thought by everyone a success. The construction team really enjoyed talking to the users as to how the building was working, and they were very enthusiastic to be involved in a DQI process again.

The participants found the DQI process was a necessity to identify the delights in a project. The overall design of Peckham Pulse scored highly in the DQI.