The UCLH Proton Beam Therapy (PBT) service will be delivered from the Trust’s campus in the heart of London, and be part of the UCLH campus where it enjoys a close collaboration with UCL on ground-breaking research projects. The site of the PBT Unity has direct access to the UCLH’s existing radiotherapy department and will be at close proximity to the University College Hospital Macmillan Cancer Centre. The scheme is made up of the PBT centre below ground and five floors above ground. The floors above ground will be used to develop Europe’s largest haematological inpatient medical facility and a short stay surgical unit.

Together, the Christie and UCLH will see more children and teenagers with cancer than almost any other centre in the world, and more adults with brain cancers than any other centre in the UK. The two trusts will also be able to drive forward research into what remains a relatively new treatment.

The DQI Concept stage workshop was a unique opportunity to get stakeholders together to better understand the schemes and the demands put on different elements on the project. Some participants in the workshop had little understanding of the work undertaken by the design team, and the level of work required for planning and meeting regulations; at the end of the session they started thinking about details, had a better understanding of conflicting needs and how group sessions aided in integration of different teams. The DQI assessment empowered the stakeholders to be actively involved in structured workshops with construction and design professionals, and to set targets against which to assess design quality. UCLH aligned DQI with BIM on the scheme which is looking to deliver value by managing risk, ensuring decisions are made with the purpose of clinical objectives, and also making certain this is evidenced for the benefit of patients.

Further DQI stage assessments of Concept and Mid design will follow in appropriate time.