The National Assembly is at the heart of the Capitals flagship regeneration zone in Cardiff Bay. The building was to become a symbol for Wales throughout the world and a prestigious landmark.

It was both the client’s and architect’s aspiration to create a design sensitive to the surrounding developments, completing the ‘jigsaw’ of development in the immediate vicinity.

As a public building, the National Assembly for Wales demonstrates a political commitment to addressing the issue of sustainability. The building exemplifies high environmental standards and has been awarded a BREEAM rating of ‘Excellent’, DQI provides credits to achieve this.

The architectural concept was one of placing the electorate above the elected whilst offering maximum transparency and openness, symbolic of democracy. It uses traditional Welsh materials such as slate and Welsh oak in its construction.

The Briefing assessment was useful in directing design development and the in-use one in capturing the successes and failures of the building for guiding future projects and the ongoing management of the Assembly building.

The briefing stage assessment identified that the design only met 57% of the default fundamental factors, informing the design team where changes required the in use assessment showed this had increased to 94%.