Parliament Hill School is situated in a conservation area near Hampstead Heath, London. The school found DQI to be an important tool for consultation.

The creation of the new design and technology studios has released classrooms in the existing school building which after refurbishment formed comfortable and spacious general teaching spaces. Care has been taken to ensure that the acoustic of the building performs well.

‘DQI proved invaluable in bringing together a range of influential individuals at such an early stage of the project. It made everybody aware of the initial design development that had been undertaken and opened up lines of communication by introducing all the different individuals who would have an involvement with the building at some point in its life time’.

DQI also enabled the designers to carry out further consultation to find out what types of modern buildings people liked and disliked, so they could incorporate materials people really felt they wanted to see in the end product. The information gained from this process was a vital part of the architects’ brief.

The DQI process provided a well structured framework for the discussions, and raised issues which could otherwise have been overlooked. It also, enlightened the Client to the thought process behind the design.