DQI: The solution to improve design quality

In 1999 the Construction Industry Council gathered the finest individual minds in the industry, to address the issue of poor quality design in buildings. This action was supported by the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment, the Department of Trade and Industry, the Office of Government Commerce, Constructing Excellence and the Strategic Forum of Construction. After four years of development, DQI was the solution.

Vitruvian principles

The basis for the solution dates back to the 1st century BC Roman author, architect and engineer, Marcus Vitruvius Pollio, who established that a structure must meet three qualities of Firmitas, Utilitas et Venustas.

Modern minds agreed these principles

These three qualities in DQI are Functionality (Utilitas), Build Quality (Firmitas) and Impact (Venustas). Where these three qualities are considered equally there is an opportunity for excellence.

The right questions at the right stage

DQI has 5 stages which are undertaken over the projects lifecycle. 
In order to achieve excellence, ambitions must be set as a team and monitored 
during each stage.

Independent Assessment

The Assessment Stages are overseen by an Independent Accredited 
Facilitator. The Facilitator will work with Clients to ensure all the key stakeholders are 
involved, conduct the assessment, encourage debate around the 3 key principles.

At the Assessment

Participants work through the DQI Structured Assessment which covers the 3 main 
quality principles of Functionality, Build Quality and Impact in 10 more Focused Sections. The views of all participants are captured and the Facilitator will use the DQI evaluation models to analyse and interpret the findings in their Report.

DQI Stage Report

A detailed report is prepared for the Client by the Facilitator at the end 
of each stage. The report provides details of the findings and recommendations for further improvement where it is required.

5 excellent reasons to use DQI

1. Affordable critical analysis with a proven track record 

2. Buy-in from stakeholders

3. Quantifies user priorities

4. Measures progress against benchmarks 

5. Measures effectiveness

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